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About Devon

Bringing the ethereal into the material. 

Let's create a powerfully aligned life of ease and abundance. 

I am the receiver of life at all times and in all ways. I am the giver of gratitude for all things received. 

My business journey so far...

  • 22 years of business development and entrepreneurship 

  • Over 11,000 hours of leading, teaching, coaching and consulting

  • Leading the vision for 3 Boards and 3 Non-Profit Boards

  • Worked with Political Leaders, Fortune 500 Senior / Exec Leadership, Executive Coaches, Private Equity and more…

  • Founded companies in Investments, Consulting, Fitness and Nutrition, Marketing, Relationships / Dating, Youth Wellness and Education

  • Nonprofit Development with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and The Lion Project

  • Co-Founder of BloomTV, Zeal Remote Living, Social Capital Agency. 

My spiritual journey so far and it feels like I'm just getting started...

  • 100+ psychedelic experiences

  • Plant Medicine facilitation and education

  • Over 100,000 minutes of meditation

  • Supported 100 people through their integration in the last 14 months

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